"Kuzu Zangpo La! Welcome to Bhutan"

Bhutan is one of the ten hot spots in the world. The pristine natural environment, spectacular high mountain peaks, lush valleys, sparkling rivers and streams, exotic flora and fauna, temples and monasteries, fluttering prayer flags, the chime of prayer wheels spinning, the buzz of scared mantras, the unique culture and tradition, and as the last Mahayana Buddhist country, Bhutan is full of mysticism and different from the rest of the world. Often referred to as the last Shangri-la, and now "land of Gross National Happiness", it is a must visit tourist destination.

Bhutan is a photographer`s paradise. The country`s stunning landscape and natural beauty are a joy to behold, captured in all its glory in celluloid. Whether it is a majestic snow laden mountain, or a sparkling waterfall gushing down a steep ravine, or a sunset cast against an incandescent horizon, Bhutan is nature at it`s best – pristine, wonderful, and a rarity in the world.

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